Our Vision & mission


The vision of the campaion comprises:

1. Elimination of excess morbidity and mortality caused due to Gutka use in India.
2. Effective enforcement of comprehensive tobacco control legislation and policies.
3. Being a streamlined coalition of multi-sectoral organizations working in tandem towards a common collective goal of tobacco control in India, with a focus on policy and awareness issues.


The mission of the Vyasanmukti Abhiyaan of AWGP is to create mass support for Gutka and Tobacco control policies through evidence based, scientifically validated and concerted advocacy by its member organizations, targeted at policy makers through involvement of media, youth and the general population to create a Gutka Free India.


1. To spread the awareness in public about the Supreme Court’s law for tobacco control and make it revolution to stop
2. To write letters with the help of signature of mass public to the Honorable Prime Minister, The President and the Health Minister of India to implement the Law of Tobacco strictly, and help to make India Gutka free.
3. Generate vital public and media support for the public health significance of tobacco control policies and measures.
4. Network with the non-tobacco private sector to mobilize their support for smoke-free workplaces and hospitality industry at the national and state level.