The three Scandinavian different languages (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian) are often seen as the “big sisters” of the area. They are the kinds who figure out each other best, but they’re as well the ones who can receive very hot under the collar about things like language and punctuational.

Swedish is a bit even more dominant inside the spoken dialect, but it can still fairly close to Norwegian, and it is often used as a link between the two. This is because the two countries struggled each other with regards to control of Norwegian during the 14th and 19th generations.

As you speak Norwegian, you’ll find that the pronouns are almost identical to English. These kinds of incorporate jeg, this individual, she and du. Can make them philippine girls dating marriage really easy to master, and is beneficial if you’re new to Norwegian.

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There are some differences in the plural pronouns, but these are usually not that significant. The only exemption is the using of den the moment referring to a guy object, and det when ever speaking about a female one.

The most important thing to not overlook is that you should choose the own words carefully. When you are not sure, you can always consult a native speaker or question a book!


It is very common in Norwegian to mix nouns and verbs. This can result in some very long and complex sentences for anyone who is not careful! You should be aware of the when you’re learning the chinese language, so make sure to take note of how you work with it.

An additional example is a word kjerring, which can suggest “old” or “ugly”. 2 weeks . very usual word for that woman in Northern Norway and is normally a compliment.

In addition to the obvious use of this word for women, recharging options used because an offend. This is why you could see it utilized as an interjection, for instance when someone says some thing rude or perhaps sexy!

This can be a very popular word among Norwegians, and is much like the Swedish ‘kjol’. It can also be used when an expression of anger or shock, as an example when you say a person is “satan”.


Just like many dialects, it’s really simple to fall under a bad behavior of swearing in Norwegian. While this could be frowned on in some households, it’s only a natural part of the language.

Some of the popular claim words in Norwegian are faen, helvete and jaevlig, but they’re not alone! There are plenty of more bad and incorrect words which you might encounter.

If you are learning Norwegian, it’s a good idea to learn some of the most well-known and prevalent swear words and phrases so that you can prevent them at all costs!

Faen is the most commonly used swear word in Norwegian. It’s a popular and easily known phrase which is the word of preference when you want to say “f**k”.

Helvete is another quite typical swear phrase in Norwegian, especially if it can combined with faen. The word helvete means “hell” in Norwegian and is frequently used to express anger or big surprise.

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