There are societies that make a fastidious practice of locating and documenting all members on the genealogical tree – many of the world’s tribal cultures, for instance, as well as European aristocracies. Though sharply divergent in many respects, those they have in common a means of equipping people with a personal identity rooted in a clear historical context. Cultures that don’t provide that snug social fit, like our contemporary Western societies, leave us all with haunting questions about who we are, where we came from, and how we’re connected to others. The allure of, even prior to the introduction of its DNA testing business, was an expression of that powerful longing. Now that we can reach so deeply into our genetic past, we are more interested in our distant forebears than in our posterity.


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Word Confusion: Calendar vs Calender vs Colander

We should focus on the cultural roots of this “grey is the new black” in typography. Fashion trends have always been metaphors that signal what is happening in society. The most influential of designers are cultural commentators – the rest of us just need to know how to decipher their code. Gray is what words wear when information engulfs us but much of it is untrue or discredited, and when “facts” are changing too fast for the ink on anything to dry. The very indefiniteness of gray, its failure to take a position on anything, also explains its preeminence as an interior design color for at least a decade. And neither do various padded versions of the seven other words you’re not supposed to say on TV.

For instance, many nouns that we borrowed from French over the centuries still bear their common -ageending. But DNA, while it may be destiny of a certain sort, is not culture.

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financial jargon is much derided, and anyone who knows me personally might expect me to pile on. Better to conserve energy for moments when I truly needto be an arch word-snob. But the true genius of language is that, while it can be codified as a set of rules, those rules are always evolving and breaking down, even if the changes don’t necessarily progress toward some clear destination. New words or expressions are quite easy to spot and are, in fact, emerging much more rapidly because the internet is a fuel-rod of language change. On the other hand, grammar evolves much more slowly. It’s the foundational structure that supports comprehension.

Life may be overrated

These example sentences are selected automatically from various Correct Spelling For Calendarize news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘calendar.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Note how many times a year the product suggests reapplication, and calendar the task accordingly. To calendar; add (an appointment, event, deadline, etc.) to a calendar, schedule, or timetable. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the marketing specialist job.

When we say, “the dog bit the man”, all English speakers understand that it’s the man who needs a bandage. That’s by no means the universal way of organizing a sentence, but until we learn a foreign language, we tend to assume it is.

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